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Good to hear from you mate. I would love to play cricket this (last?)
weekend however there are a few small issues

1. I'm playing Aussie Rules for Wilston Grange in the semi finals. The
club my grandfather, father and uncle played with as well.
2. I'm in Brisbane, Australia (not the Jaguar warehouse in the States!)

Since I've been back I took a month out to relax and do nothing. It was
fantastic and given the chance I wouldn't work again. Then the mortgage
everything else took over and I started wok at Boeing as a Project
Accountant on defence systems work and have financial control over a couple

of hundred million in business.

I think my cricket career may have come to an end as summer in Brisbane
year averaged mid 30's and we hit 42 over one weekend. It is fair dinkum
hot and I try to spend as much time out of the sun as possible with my now
English tan. It is the last week of winter and Saturday saw 26 when we
playing our semi final. I am going to a couple of games this season at the

Gabba as we are hosting the Kiwis in Tests and ODI.

Playing Aussie Rules has been fantastic. It's been 11 years since I did
something as a proper contact sport and I am forever coping and handing out

bruises. The physical nature the game is one of the main reasons I play
it also can be a little less than elegant at the level my team plays. It
an extremely tiring game as well and just whenever I start getting match
I have an injury that puts me out for a few weeks or tear my hamstring like

I did earlier in the season.

It's a pity to hear about cricket not going so well this year, after the
success of 2003 I was hoping we could go that one step further.

Andy all the best to everyone at the club and if you see Roger Bunce say
g'day to him for me.

Have a good one,