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Anthony Ellis - HARRY to his friends

Cricketing History and Accomplishments: 

1990-91:                      U 12ís Batting Average Mt Waverley Cricket Club

                                                Bowling Average

                                                E.S.C.A. Representative Side 

1992-93:                      U 14ís Bowling Average Mt Waverley Cricket Club

                                                Hatch Shield Representative (Mt Waverley)

 1994-95:                      U 16ís Player of the Finals Award

                                                Second in the Bowling Averages

                                                Dowling Shield Representative at Hawthorn Cricket Club 

1995:                           Senior 11 Representative at De La Salle College

                                    Associated Catholic Colleges (ACC) representative side


1996-1998             Played Senior Cricket at Malvern Sub District Cricket Club

Played senior cricket in both 1st and 2nd eleven Sides

Bowling Average 2nd Eleven 1997-98 at age 17

1999- Current:            Member of the Mount Waverley Sub District Cricket Club

                             15 2nd Eleven games

                                    Played the last 3 seasons in 1st eleven side