The Wit and Wisdom of Alex Peebles

"I want to see sharply honed, dedicated players, attacking bowling, superb fielding, orthodox batting with flair, above all you must be ruthless"

On Inspiration

"I intended to organise pre-season nets. However it isn't broken why fix it? Actually its beyond repair, and I simply have failed to organise nets again."

On Pre-Season Nets

"You don't make any friends being a leader...apparently"

On Captaincy

"I think we struggle enough with getting two. Nobody wants another one"

On the Third Umpire

"I'm not ambitious but world peace is high on our agenda"

On his vision for the Nondies

"A world beating tea is simple: Curried egg sandwiches, Ginger Cake, Strong Tea, Strong Lager."

On Tea

"I don't know the difference between the Reader, the Writer and the other one"

On Balls

"CJB was of the first and finest cricketers to be produced by the Nondies Academy. I am still not convinced, despite CJB's protestations, that the  Academy was actually a cricketing academy."


"The perfect execution of the pull relies less on footwork and more on having a couple of bottles of cheap red wine available"

On Pulling

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