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                                          Off Spin

Back foot parallel to the crease looking behind front arm. Body leaning away
from the batter. Head upright, eyes fixed on the target. Head upright and steady

Delivery Stride

Short slightly angled delivery stride. Head upright and steady


Stand tall. Braced front knee.Pivoting on ball of front foot; back knee 'driving
 through' Bowling arm at 11 o'clock Head upright and steady

Follow Through

Body completes 180 degree pivot. Head remains upright and steady.


The orthodox grip for the off spinner is a two finger grip, with the first joints of the index and middle fingers spread widely on the seam. Ideally the thumb should not apply any pressure onto the ball. Spin is imparted primarily through the index finger.

Rotations are imparted by a turn of the wrist. This can be practised by 'partner' throwing across a distance of 5-10 metres

N.B. The points listed above refer to an orthodox action, but many other types
of action have been successfully tried.