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Oxford Nondescripts Vice PRESIDENTS

The Nondies are very proud to be able to say that the number of people who have been  recognized for their contribution towards the club over the years have not only accepted a position of a "vice president"  but have continued in their support of the club.

This is reflected in there being a regular agenda of events over the year plus a programme of match ball sponsorship for both first and second league sides.

Newly elected for the year 2002 was Alan Slade - thanks Alan for all your hard work on the field and more recently off.

The PRESIDENT Tommy Coombes
Life Vice Presidents

M Berry / C J Marriot / C J Bishop

B V L Munday / D B Edwards

K W Richardson / W Franklin

J Slade / R A Holloway / D J Thornton

J F Lodge / Mrs J Wheeler

Vice Presidents

J Alder / K Bishop / C McHugh

V Madden / P Brooks / R Martin

D Drake-Brockman / A Mead

R Elliot / I Mead

K Fortescue / A Moffat

D Harvey / A Pigott / A Haynes

G Randell / G Hedges / I Roberts

D J Hoyland / K Sharpe

D Lambourne / P Walton

J Woodley / A Slade

  Long may their support continue !!!!!!!!!!!!

Previous Presidents

Colin Edwards                2002 - 2005

Keith Richardson            1996 - 2001

Brian Munday                 19xx - 1996                    

Fred Munday                  19xx - 19xx